National Chemistry Week National Chemistry Week Wingate University Volunteers Faculty and students of Wingate University volunteer at Wingate Elementary during National Chemistry Week 205410504 Mole Day Mole Day at the Wingate University Academic Quadrangle where students could stop by and enjoy a "Mol"asses cookie, guess the number of moles of M&M's in a container, see what a mole of sugar, water, salt, and vegetable oil look like, as well as make a UV Solar bracelet, and last they each received an ACS nan-o-mole as a keepsake. 205410505 Program in a Box (PIB) The last activity presented that week was the ACS Program in a box (PIB). The students gathered with some pizza and chips and enjoyed the showing of the Voyage to Mars. The Carolina Piedmont Local Section was generous in providing funds for the resources needed for all these wonderful activities. 205410506 NCW Poetry Contest Winner Congratulations Allison Cook!! Terrific job! 205410507